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Exquisite International School

Exquisite is home to the adorable baby and child. The institution champions their growth and success, both in the classroom and social life, through extended learning programmes targeted at enhancing their moral values and opportunities to excel in life. Exquisite equates to sensitive, elegant, attractive, delicate, pleasing, and graceful. It is a facility carefully crafted to guarantee a service of total care, comfort and pleasure, the dreams of parents like you. With the provision of hands-on experience, including club and group activities aimed at encouraging leadership as well as promoting social responsibility and healthy living, all in a congenial environment, we look forward to giving satisfaction to all parents, who have over the years expressed the desire to see this dream become a reality. On the 6th of November 2017, the Baby Lounge Wing of the school began admitting babies from three (3) months to five (5) years. For continuity as requested by parents, we moved on to start the Exquisite International School which is the Grade School on 7th September 2021. On the 11th of August 2023, the school gained accreditation with the Pearson Edexcel to offer the English National Curriculum.

Our Vision

To carefully, beautifully and academically groom and train pupils from diverse cultures and achieve the ultimate goal of becoming a leading educational institution

Our Mission

Our resolve is to attain academic Excellence, unquestionable Integrity, Service to mankind and inculcate good moral values and ethics, thus making our pupils exceptional global citizens